Additional Services

Job Listing

$75 per listing for 45 days

(member & non-member price)

Directory Listing

$200 per year

(included in membership)

Email Blasts

1k + subscribers

$500 per year

($100 member price)

Social Media Post

+ 3 stories to 3.5k followers (IG and FB)

$250 per post

($75 member price)

Affiliate Ads

$500 – $1500 depending on length of ad/specific website placement and 10% commission paid to BANG on sales generated from BANG’s website.

($250 – $500 member price)

Banner Ads

$2500 – $4500, depending on the length of the ad/specific website placement.

($1500 – $2500 member price)

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“Being a member of Bang has been such an amazing way to network and make incredible industry connections within Napa + Sonoma counties. I have made so many invaluable relationships through Bang which has helped drive quality business to our winery and has strengthened our brand presence. Most importantly, I feel fortunate to be part of such a special community of individuals who truly want everyone to succeed; it’s been the most amazing support system! Mallory’s dedicated and thoughtful approach she puts into every aspect of Bang has truly made this networking group the best one I’ve ever been a part of!”

Katie Fay - August 2021, Lambert Bridge Winery

I’ve been a BANG member since it began, and it’s been such a pleasure to watch this organization grow!  Mallory and team have created something fun and unique in the valley where people have the opportunity to network; creating lasting working relationship but also friendships!  Mallory has been awesome at providing referrals to my business, and we’ve seen a great impact because of it!  We are grateful for the partnership we have with BANG as it’s more than just networking, it’s creating a movement within the area – a movement of people coming together to celebrate what we do best!!

Gary Thompson - December 2021, Wine Tasting Driver

It is and always has been a great pleasure to work with Mallory McElligot since her days at Plumpjack managing our DTC outreach initiative with Chatterbox Wine Marketing.  When she started BANG, many of us in the DTC community had experience with networking groups that came and went and never really had a mission or could bring value other that networking and having fun get togethers.  Mallory changed all of that with a singular focus on encouraging likeminded professionals to share their knowledge, contacts and referrals for the greater good of all DTC channels in Napa Valley.  When Mallory decided to enhance BANG’s services converting to a subscription basis, I was an eager and early adopter.  During Covid it became even more clear what a great resource BANG has become to our industry.  Thank you, Mallory, for all your efforts in bringing our community together in spirit and with a purpose.

Christopher Pappe, CRP Wine Trade Solutions

I have been a member of Bang for 2 years and it has been a valuable resource my company Perry’s Tours. I was able to attend a Bang function at Odette and it was wonderful. It is nice to have colleagues in the wine & hospitality industry all together at one spot. Able to reach out at network and connect is so valuable. Food and Wine at these events are amazing. I have also Been able to attend a few online Bang meetings and they are so informative and also a great way to stay connected during these challenging times. Mallory and her team have also helped Perry’s Tours with its social media presence and content. I would highly recommend Bang of Napa Valley to all who are looking for a valuable resource for networking, connecting and keep up to date with what is happening in the wine industry and the  Napa and Sonoma wine country!

Paul Perry, Perry's Tours

BANG is a valuable asset to Oak Avenue. Mallory’s orchestration of events and gathering of like-minded people within Napa and Sonoma Valley has allowed us to make countless connections and build key business relationships.

Angela Thompson, Oak Avenue Catering