Guest Services

Hospitality Sales Associate

Darioush Guest Services Host is responsible for creating truly memorable wine experiences for the most loyal guests of our Napa Valley winery through intimate and tailored unique experiences.


  • Graciously share the Darioush Experience with our guests.
    1. Engage each guest of the winery on Darioush’s core philosophies of world-class wines and genuine hospitality.
    2. Connect guests with the product of those philosophies through First Offering memberships and loyalty-driven wine sales.
    3. Reveal Darioush’s private wine cellar, member lounge, and other intimate environments for hosting.
    4. Provide timely follow-up on guest experiences through handwritten letters, emails, and phone calls to solidify relationships for future visits and referrals.
    5. Represent Darioush and his wines through various brand-building opportunities outside of the winery. From consumer or trade-focused local pouring events to private client wine dinners.
    6. Entertain scheduled Consumer, Trade, First Offering, and VIP guests through memorable and personalized tableside and bar tasting experiences.
    7. Adjust preparation and service style based on social cues and known guest’s preferences before and during their visit.
    8. Record guest sales and experience information for accurate metrics reporting by week, month and year.
  • Provide seamless fulfillment options for guests to regularly enjoy Darioush wines.
      1. Utilize POS, CRM, and Guest Appointment software to prepare, connect and follow up with guests.
      2. Coordinate with the Direct to Consumer team to implement updated shipping, tracking, and fulfillment options for wine orders.
      3. Improve client loyalty and sales by growing First Offering membership.
  • Prioritize teamwork
    1. As a team of driven and service-forward individuals, we are most powerful when leaning on each other’s strengths.
    2. Collaboratively work with teams from Guest Services, Concierge, and Facility Steward to ensure genuine service forward operations.
    3. Maintain constant communication with team and managers regarding guest trends, habits, and service upgrade potential.
    4. Transition effortlessly from one on one hosting during slower periods to hosting multiple groups at one time in a fast-paced environment.


  • The ideal Guest Services Host will know and be practiced in the culture of top-flight customer service.
  • 5+ years of customer service/hospitality experience, preferably in the wine industry or related fine dining or luxury hotel operations.
  • Extensive wine knowledge and certification or coursework from professional industry groups is required.
  • Strong work ethic, comfort with public speaking, and being a consummate team player with genuine enthusiasm to share your passion for wine is paramount.