Hospitality Manager

Napa Valley Balloons is a 45yr old business, and it is iconic to wine country. Napa Valley Balloons is strategically valuable to Libation Labs (the acquiring company) because of the number of consumers that book hot air balloon rides when they come to wine country. Hot air balloon rides are high price ($300/per) and are very weather dependent, so there is a significant chance for people to have their own expectations set in a way where the weather change in the last minute. NVB flies approximately 265-290 days per year. So you can assume there are at least 100 days where customers did not get to fly and got let down.

This job will require the ability to anticipate issues before they arise—the ability for you to manage different people and personality types. You will need to lead the team from the front with a willingness to do all of the jobs. There is no “corporate” cavalry if you get outmatched. We have limited people and resources because Libation Labs is a start. You will need to develop processes for team members and reporting infrastructure with the help of the Libation Labs ‘Core team.’


Ensure all aspects of Napa Valley Balloons operate to the highest standards across all departments, including safety, compliance, hospitality, human resources, and staff learning+development.

You will be in charge of everything that does not involve flying a balloon.

You will have 3 pilots, 3 crew chiefs, 9 crew, an offshore call center, and a part-time accountant to support you.

You will manage your own P&L with revenue goals.

You will have significant outside support from Libation Labs’ team, BUT you must be prepared to go it alone.

You will manage all of the people. Some people will not like that—especially the pilots. We need the pilots to fly the balloons. If we terminate a pilot, we need a replacement pilot, and so on.

You will manage all risks, including safety, pilot retention, and governmental permit retention.

You will work with the Libation Labs core team (owners of Napa Valley Balloons) to reach revenue, income, and expense targets.

Areas that will be measured beyond what is listed above will include customer satisfaction, flight re-book rates, employee retention, and satisfaction.

This job will be an opportunity for you to lead with autonomy (from Libation Labs ‘Corporate’), with the expectation of accountability.


4+ years of hospitality experience.

Experience managing complex people operations.

Must be willing to work early mornings, long hours, and contribute as a team player.

Fast paced context switching will be essential to your success.