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Bottling Operator


Following is a list of quantifiable tasks and skills which, in addition to those published for Junior
Operator, are included in the Review Metric for this position:
• Able to set up and maintain operation for all packages on both styles of R&G, non-standard or atypical packages may require some direction.
• Able to identify typical issues with/idiosyncrasies of both styles of R&G and make appropriate adjustments.
• Able to set up and maintain run for typical packages in the pit OR at the labeler (regularly assigned station). Non-standard or atypical packages may require some direction.
• Able to identify typical issues with/idiosyncrasies of equipment at regularly assigned station and make appropriate adjustments.
• Able to cover regularly-assigned position on at least one other truck.
• Able to identify previously-seen elements in novel set ups and apply previous actions to novel set up.
• Able to discern difference between equipment and raw material issues.
• Able to trouble shoot case taper.
• Able to trouble shoot Nitrogen Generators and their air compressors.
• Reacts appropriately to disruption of bottling flow.
• Engages in regular preventative maintenance by cleaning and greasing assigned equipment.
• Aware of details outside of regular station as related to bottling plan.
• Refers to Work Orders to gather information for run and provides input on ordering lots.
• Able to track place in bottling day.
• Understands effect of breaks on bottling plan and how to appropriately shift timing.
• Contributes to running Maintenance List.
• Able to disconnect power in typical situations that have either a knife-switch or a 480V plug.
• Collaborates with team.
• Demonstrates an understanding of company policies and the intention behind them.
• Communicates with clients in a manner that demonstrates respect for the client’s position, as well as company’s dedication to customer service.
• Communicates disruptions to bottling plan in a timely manner to Manager and Client


• High school diploma or equivalent
• 2 years’ experience with bottling, packaging or processing lines, or as a maintenance mechanic.
• Familiarity with cellar operations helpful
• Strong communication skills
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Able to work in a team environment
• Able to work extended shifts and occasional Saturdays
• Able to stand for extended periods of time
• Able to lift 25 pounds
• Valid CA driver’s license, Class B helpful, with insurable driving record